Lamu women rep wants chiefs and Nyumba kumi elders given guns

Lamu women rep wants chiefs and Nyumba kumi elders given guns

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Lamu Women Rep Shakila Abdallah . PHOTO/FILE.

Lamu, KENYA: Lamu women rep Shakilla Abdalla has called on the national government to equip chiefs and Nyumba Kumi officials with guns to enable them protect themselves.

Shakilla said special consideration should be given to areas prone to conflict and drug use at the coast.

Shakilla was reacting to the recent murder of Mbwajumwali chief Mohamed Shee who was brutally killed by a machete wielding gang as he headed to work last Friday.

Shakilla said the working environments of the officials are not security-proof and that their lives are put at risk each time they walk around in the line of duty.

She said the chiefs and Nyumba Kumi officials had become easy targets for criminals and drug addicts and peddlers due to their stands.

She added that there is need for them to be adequately protected when they are working or in their offices and even homes.

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Shakilla said many of them are afraid to ply some areas in their regions especially whenever they go out in search of illicit brewers and drug peddlers since they have no security.

She added that many had been forced to overlook crimes that take place in their areas since they fear for their lives in case they choose to engage the criminals.

Shakilla said security in Lamu County was still unreliable and that there was need for the government to deploy more security officers to the region.

“Let them be given guns so that they can be confident in their work.Its tough dealing with goons if you have no protection,they can always overpower you since they know you can’t stop them,”said Shakilla.

Shakilla criticized the government for putting all focus on the Linda Boni Security Operation while locals continue to be attacked and killed by criminals in their homes.

“If a chief can be attacked and killed on his way to work,what can the normal resident do? How can they be sure that they are safe?We urge the government to increase patrols in villages all over,” she said.

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