We are not ready to leave office, we are now a transformed...

We are not ready to leave office, we are now a transformed commission, says IEBC

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IEBC Chair Issack Hassan (center ) right is Mombasa County Commissioner Maalim Mohammed during a press briefing in Mombasa. PHOTO: WELDON KEMBOI.

Mombasa KENYA: The independent Electoral Commission officials IEBC, on Monday said that they are not ready to vacate the office despite outcry from the opposition.

The officials said they have rectified the problems and failures they faced earlier and now they are well experienced to conduct the 2017 general elections.

“We have disbanded two commissions in Kenya. We disbanded ECK in 2008 and it was there for 18 years,we not only sacked commissioners, but we sacked the 650 members of staff and we really lost a lot of institutional memory,”said Issack Hassan IEBC chairperson.

Speaking after meeting Mombasa County Commissioner Mohammed Maalim in his office, Issack and his officials said they have done a lot of changes to make sure elections were free and fair.

The IEBC  boss said his commission had conducted several by-elections in the country and the general elections; and so they have discovered where the problem was.

He said one of their failures in the last general election was technology; especially transmission system and the voter identification device.

He said his commission has undergone several transformation, from staff deparment,new managers and new human resource in the ICT department.

Hassan further clarified that majority of his staffs have gone for overseas training in South Korea,South Africa and India where they have gained a lot.

“We are hoping that with the new investment in technology we shall be able to have good IT department to serve the commission better,we want to make sure the results announced in polling stations are the same results which come to Nairobi especially for the president,”said Hassan.

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The commission also disclosed that the sh 19 billion allocated for the commission was enough to conduct the elections fully.