Majority of Kenyans still prefer ICC, reveals new survey

Majority of Kenyans still prefer ICC, reveals new survey

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Nairobi, KENYA:More than half of Kenyans in a recent survey have expressed dissatisfaction over Kenya withdrawing from the Rome Statute that establishes the International Criminal Court ICC.

During the polls carried out by Solon Independent Poll, 47% of respondents maintained that Kenya should detach itself from the Rome Statute.

More people from Central and Rift Valley areas supported the latter idea.

“The 47% could have wanted Kenya to opt out probably because of allegations of witness bribery and situations whereby some witnesses went missing,” said Lead Researcher Edward Wanyonyi.

61% of Kenyans believed that the ICC has the ability to deal with impunity in Africa.

More respondents from Western (67%), Nyanza (66%) and the Coast (65%) had faith in the ICC which deals with cases that concern crimes against humanity.

The polls would bring hope as 62% of respondents felt that there won’t be another post-election violence in the country.

“Rift Valley has the least number of people (28%) who thought that post-election violence would happen again. More people from Western (47%), North eastern (45%) and Nyanza (44%) were hopeful that Kenya would always be at peace after elections,” said Wanyonyi.

1,000 respondents were contacted through SMS during the survey that took place in April 2016.