Police ban Monday Cord demo as grenades intercepted in Nairobi

Police ban Monday Cord demo as grenades intercepted in Nairobi

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Nairobi,KENYA: Police have banned Cord’s Monday demonstration geared to remove
IEBC commissioners from office.

In a press briefing in Nairobi on Sunday,Nairobi’s county commander of police Japheth Koome said that police had intelligence that on Saturday a Pajero vehicle was to ferry grenades to Kibera on Saturday which was intercepted by the police.

Koome said that the grenades were to be used during Monday demos at Kibera.

“I have information that there is a vehicle and people who were ferrying grunades ,which were to be used in tommorrows demonstration police are still investigating the matter.” Koome said.

He warned members of the public against going into the CBD to demonstrate,saying they risk arrests and unnecessary confrontation with the police.

“I have enough officers for tomorrow’s demonstration. If you have nothing to do in the city please sleep in your house,” he said.

Koome defended the police ban saying that it is inline with issuance of court order barring CORD to go on with demonstrations.

CORD has accused the IEBC of colluding with Jubilee to rig elections and frustrating their Okoa Kenya referendum drive.