“You already knew winners yet you tell us to vote!” Fans bash...

“You already knew winners yet you tell us to vote!” Fans bash 2016 Groove Awards organisers

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The 11th edition of the Groove Awards went down Wednesday evening at the Safaricom Stadium Kasarani (formerly MISC) where the best in Gospel music talent were recognized & awarded.

The red carpet was a glitz & glamour affair, as artists and fans alike traded t-shirts and jeans for amazing outfits ranging from African to something not short of crazy.

When it came to the awards, it became a surprise affair. The DJ Of TheYear category for instance, which has been dominated by bigwigs over the years,this year went to an upcoming entertainer, DJ Ruff.

Surprises were also experienced in categories like Coastal Counties Song Of The Year where little known Faith Mwikali trounced more popular acts like Micheal Yena & Mercy D.Lai.

Online, fans seemed pleased with this trend until the moment the Male Artist Of The Year accolade went to L-Jay Maasai.

Fans took to the Groove Awards official Facebook page to express their dissatisfaction.

The first comment when this result was posted was actually bile directed at the organizers by one Mary Winnie Mwanzo.

“ Safaricom and Groove Awards officials God will judge you…. You already knew the winners yet you tell people to vote…. We waste our airtime voting only to promote you. This is not proper and you are like a pyramid scheme. You spoilt the days mood. #GospelAwrdsMyFooot Shame on you” posted Mary.

Aiton Mugambi said “lj maasai hajatosha for real. You cnt compare his songs na za daddy owen or guardian angel. Groove noo!!”

Sqypee Sccobo Jjinrek – A LIE A LIE A Biiiiiiig lie how comes kuna corruption hadi kwa gospel industry no wonder mulichuja willy na baha ndio mupatie ljay favor,,, 2 mi he has never been and will never be my best male artist apo j fam,owen,guardian mmoja wao ange win inge make sense bt huyu NEVER
Antony Hezron- Upuzi tu, that’s why mulijuja Baha, for this one Guardian deserved, kwani mulihesabu kura aje na venye tulivote Guardian kila saa?? F*#* you Groove Awards

Ptah M. Mbugua_-LJay Maasai for which song….

No official communication from Groove Awards has been given to address this shade.

Check out the full list of the winners on the next page.