CORD leaders in Kilifi vow to continue with Anti-IEBC demonstrations in the...

CORD leaders in Kilifi vow to continue with Anti-IEBC demonstrations in the area

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Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi. CORD leaders in the are have vowed to continue with anti- IEBC demonstrations. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Kilifi, KENYA: CORD leaders in Kilifi County have vowed to carry on with demonstrations over the removal of IEBC officials from offices.

The demonstrations are currently at standstill pending negotiations by the government and the opposition on the way forward regarding the commission’s integrity.

Speaking during the 53rd Madaraka Day celebrations at the Karisa Maitha stadium on Wednesday, Kilifi county Senator Stewart Madzayo said the commission is not credible to hold the next general elections.

“This commission has lost credibility I want to assure the people of Kilifi and the entire Kenya that should no amicable solution come out from the negotiations, Kilifi County will carry out the biggest demonstration.” Said Madzayo.

According to Kilifi County Governor Amason Kingi, most of the key institutions in Kenya have lost faith in the commission.

“If all religious leaders, Law society of Kenya and other stakeholders have all recommended the removal of the commission what else does it wait for other than packing and go?” Said Kingi.

However, according to Kilifi County Commissioner Joseph Keter; demonstrations against IEBC will not help improve the living standards of  Kilifi residents but instead instill more problems.

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“I would have been really happy if the same leaders advocating for demonstrations against IEBC could demonstrate against the increasing numbers of children not going to school.” Said Keter.