Kilifi county joins rest of Kenya in marking Madaraka Day

Kilifi county joins rest of Kenya in marking Madaraka Day

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Elders in Kilifi county attending the Madaraka Day celebrations at the Karisa Maitha grounds. PHOTO: DAVID NGUMBAO.

Kilifi, KENYA: Kilifi County on Wednesday joined other 46 counties country wide in celebrating the  53rd Madaraka Day celebrations since Kenya achieved its independence.

This year’s national Madaraka Day celebrations took place at  Nakuru Afraha stadium; which is the first to happen since independence.

A large  section of Kenyans in Kilifi County  turned out to mark this year’s celebration at the Karisa Maitha grounds.

According to some of them they expected to hear on various important issues touching the County and the country as a whole.

Some of these issues are matters of Security that manay say has has been seen to be quite stable but needs to be beefed up.

Ronald Muzika, a farmer at Dzitsoni in Kilifi south sub-county says he expects to hear much on the measures taken to improve Agriculture in the county to make it a famine free.

“I expect much from today’s speech by President Uhuru Kenyatta on matters of agriculture as many of the Kilifians depend on it both livestock and crop farming,” said Muzika.

“I think if the country would beef up matters of Agriculture especially to the youth who believe employment is the only way to go, we will be in a good position to work be stable.” added Muzika.

According to Rachael Kache, a business lady at the county headquarters expects Kilifi county governor to talk on the measures taken to improve education in the county.

“A bigger percentage of Kilifians have not been able to attain secondary and tertiary education due to poverty and not attaining the pass mark.” Said Kache.