Boni community in Lamu urged to embrace Agriculture to avert food...

Boni community in Lamu urged to embrace Agriculture to avert food crisis

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Boni residents at a previous function. PHOTO/FILE

Lamu, KENYA: Members of the Boni community in Lamu have been asked to embrace Agriculture and farming in order to be guaranteed food security and avert a similar crisis.

Lamu County Commissioner Joseph Kanyiri said the move would also help the community rise up from immense poverty being experienced.

Speaking in his office on Monday,Kanyiri said the community has become lazy ever since the national government launched a feeding programme following the commencement of the Linda Boni operation in their area.

The commissioner said most members of the  community have now resorted to just sitting around waiting for the government to bring them food when they can actually do farming and feed themselves.

The national government together with the county government and the Red Cross have been working together to ensure the community receives a constant supply of food and seedlings since the operation began.

Last month the community received hundreds of bags of maize,beans,green grams and an equally good amount of seedlings.

Kanyiri however said it was disappointing that most of the community members had not taken the initiative to plant the seedlings they received.

“we are doing what we can as the government to help but it can’t go without saying that people should also take it upon themselves to farm and store enough food for the future.We have given out food and seedlings but no one seems interested in growing food,”said Kanyiri.

He said there was need for the community to get used to the idea of fending for themselves since its unknown when the Operation Linda Boni will end.

The Boni which are typically the last forest community in Lamu are traditionally hunters and gatherers who mainly depended on the Boni forest for survival.

That however had to abruptly change after the forest was declared a no-go-zone by the Kenya Defence Forces-KDF following the launch of  Operation Linda Boni whose main objective was to flush out Alshabaab militants said to be hiding within,from where they launch attacks on Lamu and neighboring Garissa and Tana River counties.

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The community is still struggling to shift and adapt to modern farming.