Lamu Women Rep differs with NLC over coal plant establishment in the...

Lamu Women Rep differs with NLC over coal plant establishment in the area

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Lamu,KENYA: Lamu Women Rep Shakilla Abdalla has differed with the recent move by the National Lands Commission-NLC to accord land rights to Amu Power,a firm that intends to set up a coal fired power plant in the county.

The project by Amu Power that is reported  to cost a whooping Sh.180 Billion,is expected to generate over 980MW of power once complete.

Last week,NLC chair Muhammad Swazuri said the project had met up with all their requirements and that there was no need to continue holding up the project.

The proposed site for the project is at Kwasasi area in Hindi division in Lamu West.

Speaking in Mokowe on Friday,Shakilla swore never to allow the establishment of the project saying it carried detrimental health effects to the lives of locals and the environment.

Shakilla said she would mobile locals to reject the project.

She also accused the project implementers of cunningly and forcefully trying to start the project in the county despite knowing the concerns of the locals over the same.

“Why are they forcing this project on us. People don’t want it period and that’s the way it stays.We shall welcome projects that are environment friendly and those that won’t affect our health but not this one,”said Shakilla.

She said the investors had yet to produce the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment-ESIA report which was crucial in establishing the amount and extent of damage the project can do.

“You can never work on any given project without an ESIA and an approved one at that.But am surprised that this project has already been approved.Question is,what did they base their approval,”said Shakilla.

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A total of 985 acres of land have already been acquired for the project.

Last week,the National Lands Commission-NLC accorded Amu power absolute land rights over the lands as a nod for the project to kick off.