Senior officers to be vetted a fresh after juniors implicate them in...

Senior officers to be vetted a fresh after juniors implicate them in corruption scandal

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Corporal Samuel Ombutu appearing before the vetting panel at GTI.

Mombasa, KENYA: Five senior police officers will be vetted a fresh after their juniors implicated them in corruption scandals, the National Police Service said on Friday.

The officers who are of senior superintendent and superintendent ranks had earlier been cleared after they were vetted,according to National Police Service Commission headed by Ronald Musengi.

Addressing reporters at the Government Training Institute GTI in Mombasa where vetting of coast police traffic officers  is ongoing ,Musengi said it was unfortunate that the said officers were being cleared publicly.

“Today one of the officers told the panel that he has sent money 49 times  to his seniors that is over sh.200,000,another officer confessed  to the panel that he sent sh. 80,000 to his senior and many others,”said Mr. Musengi.

“He was being put under pressure by his seniors and it had reached a point where his wife told him to quit his job as he was being undermined by his seniors, ” added Mr. Musengi.

Mr Musengi said the names of the officers would not be disclosed as their seniors might  victimize them.

“The officers are in danger,they can be killed by the said officers,”added Mr. Musengi.

Meanwhile during the vetting excersise most of the officers had a rough time expressing their wealth to the panel.

Corporal Samuel Ombutu based at Central police station according to the panel appeared rude when he was answering questions.

Mr Ombutu was asked of two prominent people who featured in his M-pesa statetment alleged to have been sending money to the officer severally.

At first Mr. Ombutu told the panel he was not aware of the said two prominent people,but the panel told him the exercise would be terminated and he would face disciplinary action.

The officer could not remember a woman by name Alice Njeri whom  is said to have sent the officer money six times through m-pesa.

“I can’t remember her sir, but she was a team manager at mbaraki,”Ombutu told the panel.

“If you can’t remember her why get money from her? ” Asked one of the commissioners.

Another man who feartured in the mpesa statement is Khalid Omar Swaleh.

When he was asked who the man was,the officer said he was just a businessman whom he met in town.

The panel asked the Regional Commander Francis Wanjohi to intervene and  deal with the officer as he was  becoming rude to the panel.

“The chair is asking you simple questions, we are worried about you,or else you will come up with a conclusion. ”Mr wanjohi told the officer.

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The panel learnt that that the said man owns a fleet of Matatu and he used to send the officer some money frequently.