Governor Timamy refutes claims of paying youth to embarrass Lamu west Mp...

Governor Timamy refutes claims of paying youth to embarrass Lamu west Mp Ndegwa

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Lamu, KENYA: Lamu governor Issa Timamy has distanced himself from allegations that he paid youth to boo down Lamu West MP Julius Ndegwa during first lady Margaret Kenyatta’s visit on Tuesday.

The MP had allegedly accused Timamy and nominated MCA Muthoni Marubu for paying youth to embarrass him before the first lady at Mokowe.

Ndegwa was booed at and jeered once he stepped on the podium to address the crowd that had turned up for the handing over of the 40th mobile clinic by the first lady in her beyond zero campaign.

The MP  had to cut short his speech after interventions by the county commander Joseph Kanyiri to calm down the crowd failed to yield fruits.

However speaking on Thursday,Timamy insisted that he had no reason for doing what the MP was alleging and that he has instead cultivated a working relationship with all politicians in the county.

Timamy said he saw no reason to bicker with the MP over the matter since the two were not at the same governing levels.

He called on the MP to go back to his people and seek to understand why they acted that way towards him and possibly resolve the matter with his constituents.

Timamy also appealed to the MP to stop dragging his name in the mud over such allegations.

“What does the MP take me for? I am the governor for God’s sake.How can I pay people to do anything that o know isn’t right? The MP must find out why his people seemed dissatisfied with him.” Said Timamy.

The governor also added that he was convinced however that the MP was shouted down because he had not done much for the people of Mokowe in terms of CDF projects.

The MP had also alleged that he was overlooked in the speech itinerary and accused Timamy and the MCA of planning to belittle him by having the MCA speak first at the event before him as the area MP.

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“No one was overlooked.we just went with statehouse protocol.The MCA and Women Rep spoke first because the event was majorly about maternal care and related issues and it was only proper for us to put the two women leaders ahead. I didn’t expect it togenerate any animosity from the MP,” said Timamy.