Kilifi women forced to dig boreholes to help solve water crisis in...

Kilifi women forced to dig boreholes to help solve water crisis in the area

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Women loading water on a donkey after drawing water form a borehole. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Kilifi, KENYA: Residents of Ndarako village in Bamba-Ganze sub county in Kilifi  are crying foul of water crisis hitting the area; that has forced women to dig a borehole on their own.

Bamba has been facing water problem shortage for decades even with the birth of the county governments nothing seems to have changed in the area according to the residents.

In an exclusive interview with Baraka FM, residents said efforts to get leaders to work on a  temporary solution as they try to sort the matter out were futile.

Kadzo Charo, one of the residents said that they had to dig the borehole on their own so as to get water despite the process being messy and hazardous to their lives.

“I am almost 40 years of age but I have never tasted tap or any clean water up to now, something that spearheaded our digging this borehole which has salt and water that is infected with dust.” said Kadzo.

According to Shida Charo, a livestock farmer in this village, the water from the borehole causes diarrhea to them when they use it.

“We use this water because we have nowhere to run to get clean and safe water for use, our leaders have abandoned us totally, always saying they are working on the main pipe meant to supply water from Ganze-Bamba town forgetting that this area is far much a long distance from Bamba town.”  added  Charo.

Kilifi county executive member in charge of Water Kiringi Mwachitu, said the area is among the areas that have to wait for a long time to get water until the main pipe is done.

“That area is far from Bamba town and there is no way it can get piped water until the main pipe from Ganze – Bamba is full installed,” Mwachitu said.

Mwachitu however said they are working on it to have water reach the residents.

“Already we have set aside over Kshs. 50 Million for the project in the assistance of Kenya-Red cross to install the main pipe, and we are confident that once it’s done Bamba will be an ever water sufficient area.” added Mwachitu.

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Other areas reported to have been undergoing the same crisis are Magarini and Kaloleni sub-counties.