Water Resource Management Authority launches forum to promote water conservation

Water Resource Management Authority launches forum to promote water conservation

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Jane Njoroge, a surface water officer at the Water Resource Management Authority in Kenya. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Mombasa, KENYA: Water Resource Management Authority WRMA on Tuesday launched a catchment management forum with Mombasa residents so as to discuss water related issues in terms of management and conservation.

According to WRMA, this is in line with the catchment management strategies which stipulates that each of the six catchment areas in Kenya should have such a forum to freely discuss water related issues.

Speaking during the launch of the forum in Mombasa which represents Athi Catchment area, WRMA CEO Philip Olum said the forums are expected to take place annually in each of catchment area.

“You leave in an area and you are not getting enough water from a stream and you feel some people upstream are using most of the water; then this is the forum which will meet atleast once a year, to raise such issues.” Said Olum.

Mr. Olum added that the forum is expected to elect chairpersons who will serve for the particular period on voluntary basis.

Water catchment area in Kenya are zones through which  rainwater and snow seeps to eventually provide base flow to rivers, lakes and spring water and also provides for groundwater recharge.

In Kenya the catchment areas are Lake Victoria Drainage Basin, Rift Valley Drainage Basin, Athi River Drainage Basin, Tana River Drainage Basin, Ewaso Ng’iro North Drainage Basin and Sabaki.

The management of water resources is vested in WRMA with regional offices along the River Basins under the advisory of the Catchment Area Advisory Committee as provided by section 16 of the Water act 2002.