First Lady Margaret Kenyatta hands over 40th mobile clinic in Lamu

First Lady Margaret Kenyatta hands over 40th mobile clinic in Lamu

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Lamu, KENYA: The first Lady Margaret Kenyatta was on Tuesday in Lamu to launch the 40th mobile clinic in her nationwide beyond zero campaign which is aimed at reducing maternal and child mortality rates during child birth.

Speaking at the Mokowe secondary school,the first lady lauded the county government of Lamu on the efforts being made to ensure reduction of maternal deaths during delivery and improve maternal health.

She said a healthy populace was the soul of any given nation and that there was need for efforts to be made to ensure citizens and especially mothers receive the best of it.

“I truly believe that health is the bedrock of everything good we want to see in this county, and in our country economic growth, peace, unity and security,”she said.

The first lady acknowledged that women from underprivileged backgrounds are most affected and said her campaign was inclusive of all but was majorly focused on the low class woman who might not be able to access proper maternal services during childbirth.

She said the Beyond Zero campaign was committed to ensuring the well being of all Kenyans and to specifically address and if possible eliminate mother and child deaths during delivery.

“So on behalf of those Kenyans, and on behalf of all the organisations, institutions and individuals that support Beyond Zero, I am proud to hand over to the Lamu people the new fully equipped mobile clinic here today,” she said.

She said the fully equipped mobile clinic would go a long way in providing all the necessary support needed during child birth and in essence reduce and if possible completely eradicate cases of women and children dying in the process.

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The first lady also congratulated the people of Lamu for demonstrating immense unity even in the wake of the security challenges encountered.

Lamu now joins 39 other counties that have so far received an equal number of fully kitted mobile clinics that aid in access to healthcare services especially mothers and children.