UNICEF launches Malezi Bora to promote nutrition among children in Kilifi

UNICEF launches Malezi Bora to promote nutrition among children in Kilifi

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Community health worker during the Malezi bora Event at a past session in Kwale. UNICEF has also launched the program in Kilifi. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Kilifi, KENYA: The United Nations International Children’s fund (UNICEF) has launched a program called Malezi Bora in a bid to promote children growth and up keep in Kilifi.

The programme is meant to reach multitudes of children undergoing malnutrition in Kilifi County, so as to prevent them from stunting in their growth.

Addressing the public in Ndatani- Kaloleni Sub- county UNICEF Regional Co-coordinator Janet Ntwiga said the move is meant to sensitize the community on the importance of nutrition and was spearheaded by the large numbers of children malnourished.

Ntwiga on Thursday said the fact that Kilifi County is third in number on malnutrition countrywide, this is something to  ponder about for the people of the entire county, in terms of education and productivity.

“Today we are here to launch this programme so as to help our children now and the forthcoming generation in terms of growth and productivity,” said Ntwiga.

Ntwiga advised mothers to consider some important factors of nutrition during pregnancy and the delivery stages.

“During pregnancy the mother must make sure the pregnancy is healthy by attending antenatal clinics as required. This ensures her of safe delivery,  also she must ensure that the child gets all the necessary immunizations.” Said Ntwiga.

Ntwiga added that it is important for a mother to ensure her children are treated of all ailments and ensure that they prevent and manage diarrhea well.

“Good nutrition is the basis of proper growth of the child both physically and mentally.This element is not optional but a must should we need to have a healthy generation ahead of us.” she added.

She also advised mothers to ensure that their children sleep under mosquito nets to prevent them from getting Malaria adding that  mothers should make sure their children get Vitamin A atleast twice a year.

According to Kilifi County Director of Nutrition Ronald Mbunya, statistics show that Kilifi County is third in the country on counties with high rate of malnutrition cases.

“Kilifi county is third statistically on counties with high rate of Malnutrition and it has caused a deterioration in education standards in the county, something we must all ensure we curb,” said Mbunya.

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Kilifi County Health CEC Rachael Musyoki said the health department will set aside more funds to carry out the sensitization more often.