MCSK welcomes courts ruling on Skiza royalties

MCSK welcomes courts ruling on Skiza royalties

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Nairobi, KENYA:Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) has welcomed a court ruling in favor of them  including PRISK.

0n 11th May the court ruled that based on the Copyright Act of 2001, the only entities authorized to collect and distribute royalties are the three CMOs licensed by Kenya Copyright Board (KECOBO) which is under the office of the Attorney General.

The ruling upheld that the Content Service Providers (CSPs) work is to prepare the copyrighted works for consumption by the general public and not to distribute the said royalties to the artists.

This  means that future royalties will be channeled through the CMOs joint account from which payments will be made.

The CSPs are therefore agents of Safaricom for content provision and not royalty distribution.

Acording to MSCK there has been numerous claims of artists being ambushed by CSPs to sign off their works once the CSP learned of the potential millions that songs could make on the SKIZA platform.

“This in mind, we expect more hits and better quality videos from renowned audio and video producers in the near future.” Merit Simiyu, the Acting CEO at MCSK said.

MCSK represents Authors, Composers, Arrangers and Publishers of copyrighted musical works in Kenya.