KWS to hunt down Lamu hyenas

KWS to hunt down Lamu hyenas

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Lamu, KENYA: The Kenya Wildlife Service-KWS has deployed a team of officers to hunt down a gang of hyenas that have been feasting on livestock for the last one year.

Over 200 head of livestock among them cows, goats,sheep and donkeys have been devoured by the hyenas in the past one year alone.

Speaking on Monday,Lamu County KWS Commander Charles Omondi said over 30 officers had been sent to Tchundwa and the rest of the affected areas to ensure the scavengers are found and evacuated from the region.

Omondi said a special trap would be used to capture the hyenas and have them returned to secure habitats.

“We have received the reports about the hyenas and we are acting. We already have officers looking for this particular gang. We want locals to work with the officers to make this easier and successful,”said Omondi.

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Locals however want the KWS to compensate them for all the livestock devoured by the hyenas.