Sauti Sol promise to end #LiveAndDieInAfricatour Mombasa concert in style

Sauti Sol promise to end #LiveAndDieInAfricatour Mombasa concert in style

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Award wining boy band Sauti Sol have promised to end their 5 week #LiveAndDieInAfrika Kenyan tour  in Mombasa in style, promising a better show compared to previous ones in the town.

Speaking during a press briefing in Mombasa on Saturday,Bienne Baraza one of the members said all the other shows have been bogus but this one will make up for all the past ones.

“All of our shows have been weird in Mombasa, last time we were here msee alileta sound ya Matanga but this time we have come with our own sound system and we promise not to let down our Mombasa fans.” Said Bien.

On critics arguing why they made their tickets so cheap making every tom dick and harry attend Sauti sol had this to say :

“People are in different places in life, we decided to make it cheap so that Kenyans can have a world class experience and appreciate it. So if i came here and charge sh. 2000 for regular tickets they would never understand watasema hizo ni vitu zao za pesa nyingi,” said Bien.

The team said they want to promote a culture of Kenyans paying and affording concerts; adding that they have been rehearsing for this since last year promising nothing but the best.

The concert will be held at The Mombasa Sports club.

Here is a pic posted by the music group on Facebook hyping the place: