KDF in total control of Boni forest, says spokesman

KDF in total control of Boni forest, says spokesman

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Security forces at Boni Forest. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Lamu, KENYA: The Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) has re-affirmed its domination in all key areas where the Linda Boni security operation is being conducted in Lamu.

According to KDF spokesperson David Obonyo,the forces have all loopholes covered and that there was no way through for militants.

Speaking on phone on Wednesday,Obonyo said the forces had been successfully able to have the entire Boni forest,which is the key operation zone, under their dominance.

The operation is now in its ninth month with Obonyo saying massive success had so far been recorded and that a lot more was still to be achieved by the security forces following its indefinite extension.

He said the forces will pitch camp in the area for as long as its takes in order to ensure security is fully reinstated.

Obonyo commended the working relationship between police and locals saying it had greatly played a vital role in the success of the security operation so far.

“We are in total control of the Boni forest and the situation therein. We have extended our efforts top also ensure the border lines of Lamu and Garissa are well guarded too.Lamu and its neighboUrs are experiencing calm and stability due to the operation Linda Boni,”said Obonyo.

He also revealed that the number of Al-Shabaab attacks and attempted attacks had declined since the Operation commenced.

He said KDF soldiers and other security agencies have concentrated their efforts in the entire Boni forest in Lamu East, some parts of Hulugho boarder in Garissa and towards the border of Lamu and Somalia.

Obonyo said there were no terror incidents in Lamu and Garissa so far and that no similar arrests had been made in recent times.

He said that was proof enough that the KDF had successfully been able to put the Alshabaab under their grasp and was also proof that the militants had either been eliminated or driven out by the forces.

Obonyo said the operation would however go on till the final elements of terrorists are flushed out from within the Boni forest and other vulnerable locations.

“When you compare the situation when the terror attacks took place in Mpeketoni and now,there a huge difference.Back then, people didn’t have confidence that security would be restored but the story is now different thanks to our gallant officers in the operation. There is peace and generally Lamu is fine,”said Obonyo.

Operation Linda Boni was officially launched by Interior CS Joseph Nkaisserry on September 11,2015 and is aimed at flushing out Alshabaab militants said to be hiding within the expansive Boni forest.

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A total of 36 Alshabaab suspects have been arrested by security forces and an unknown number have been prosecuted in various courts in the country since the operation kicked off nine months ago.