Ugandan comedian Kansiime sues media houses for copyright

Ugandan comedian Kansiime sues media houses for copyright

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Celebrated Ugandan comedian Ann Kansiime is suing three media houses for using her image illegally.

Kansiime sued WBS and NBS television stations as well as Uganda Telecom Company for KSh 3 million each

The famous comedian accuses the Ugandan media houses for running an advert with her image and voice to gain popularity.

She claimed the houses had invaded her privacy and filled a case in court demanding to be paid

“I have lost income that I would have otherwise earned from that same project. UTL and NBS drew a memorandum of understanding to economically benefit from each other on this project, and WBS aired the advert without my consent as well,” said Kansiime in papers filed at the court.

The three houses have been summoned in court to file their defense

Ann became famous in Kenya after she was picked by Royal Media Services to air a TV show ‘Don’t Mess With Kansiime’.

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She has also entertained before big names across the world like Queen of England and the Prime Minister, David Cameron, among many others.