Property worth millions destroyed in a school dormitory fire

Property worth millions destroyed in a school dormitory fire

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Javan Chiro,the school board of management chairman and school principal ( further right) Simeon Beja at the dormitory that was burnt down. PHOTO: DAVID NGUMBAO.

Kilifi,KENYA: Property worth millions of shillings were lost in a fire outbreak that burnt down a dormitory on Monday at Lutsangani high school in Chonyi division –Kilifi county.

The properties estimated value amounted to shs. 5.5 million; this included the building and the students’ belongings.

No one was hurt in the incident that was reported to have occurred in the chilly Monday morning when the students were busy in their classrooms for preps.

Speaking to the press at the school, Simeon Beja, the school’s principal said they suspect that some of the students  set the dormitory ablaze.

“The fire out broke at around 5:30am when the students were in their classes for preps .The dormitory houses 150 students who are in form one ,” said Beja.

Javan Chiro, the school board of management chairman said a similar incident occurred last year during the second term where property worth Ksh 7 million was lost.

“Last year the same dormitory was burnt down and was renovated at a cost of Ksh700, 000 to address boarding challenges for the students at the school.” said Chiro.

Five students were arrested and charged in court after they were suspected to be behind the burning of the dorm last year; their case is still ongoing.

Beja said it is not yet known what caused the fire as no leads were found to suggest what could have caused it.

However, Methodist church which sponsors the school put the blame on indiscipline among the students.

Reverend Chris Ampiu from the Methodist church in Chonyi said the burning of schools is as a result of indiscipline by the students.

“Many schools were torched last year and this year a similar phenomenon could be witnessed if no proper measures are put in place,” said Ampiu.

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The board of management and the Parents teachers Association were yet to decide whether to close the school of 750 students or not.