Police disrupt “illegal” religious meeting in Mombasa

Police disrupt “illegal” religious meeting in Mombasa

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Police engaging Muslims at a previous setting. Police in Mombasa on Sunday 8th May disrupted a meeting held by Muslims across the country at Islamic centre, terming it Illegal. PHOTO/FILE

Mombasa, KENYA: Police in Mombasa on Sunday disrupted a meeting that was scheduled to be held by Muslims from across the country at the Islamic Centre.

More than 50 heavily armed police officers drawn from GSU,APs and regular police arrived at the venue some minutes before the meeting commenced and ordered everyone out.

According to police, intelligence reports showed the meeting had youths drawn from Lamu, Malindi,Nairobi,Garissa ,Wajir and Tanzania and was meant to address issues on the rights of Muslims in the country.

Ustadh Shaaban Mwalimu who was leading the more than 200, youths and clerics said the meeting would further address changes needed in the society, and how to bring the said changes.

“We were to address the rights of Christians living in an Islamic state, how to relate with them in accordance with the Muslim laws,” he Said.

“We had invited leaders from east Africa and Ustadh Khaib Ibram and he had just arrived,he was to lecure on rights to islams,” said Ustadh Shabaan.

Mwalimu however denied reports  that the youths who had assembled at the centre were scheduled to be under go radicalization programmes.

He added that he was informed by the security agencies that the meeting could not be held since it was meant to incite Muslims against the Christian community at the Coast region.

“We were informed that the meeting could not be held, since it was meant to disturb the relative peace which had been witnessed in the coast region, we had no option but to cancel the seminar,” Said Mwalimu.

Newly appointed Mombasa Urban Police boss Lucas Ogara confirmed to Baraka FM that police disrupted he meeting since it was illegal.

“They had not informed the authorities, we learnt that there was meeting through intelligence reports and that’s when we intervene and ejected them out”,said the police chief.

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Mwalimu subsequently noted that they would hold similar meetings in,Malindi, and Lamu once negotiations with the security organs were done.

“We want to inform our followers that, we will continue addressing issues that we feel are not being done right, in this country hence we will hold similar meeting once we notify authorities,” he said.