Lamu County Commissioner warns against sexual relations with minors in the area

Lamu County Commissioner warns against sexual relations with minors in the area

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Lamu, KENYA: Lamu County commissioner Joseph Kanyiri has cautioned individuals engaging in sexual relations with school girls saying such actions will now attract dire consequences.

Speaking in his Lamu office on Sunday,Kanyiri said his office was aware of the increase in such cases in the county and that legal action will be taken against anyone found guilty.

He said such cases were more rampant in Bargoni,Hindi and Witu divisions where school girls are impregnated and even forced to quit school as a result.

The commissioner has also warned parents who marry off their young daughters of school going age.

He said children have rights top amongst them being the right to access education.

Kanyiri warned that parents who shall be found marrying off their girls will be prosecuted and that the same will also apply to those who don’t send their children to school for any given reason.

“My office is aware that many school girls here and especially in Witu,Hindi and Bargoni are being taken advantage of my members of the public.Some girls get pregnant at that early age and stop school to stay at home or even get married.We shall not hesitate to prosecute anyone guilty in such a situation,”said Kanyiri.

He has directed all chiefs in Lamu to help arrest the situation by directly reporting to him any incidents where children’s rights will be violated.

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Kanyiri said only education would help rescue many Lamu communities from poverty and urged parents to motivate their children to be serious with school and primitive drop age old traditions, saying such would only serve to drag the region behind.