Lamu Women Rep. Shakilla Abdalla defends devolution

Lamu Women Rep. Shakilla Abdalla defends devolution

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Lamu women rep (in buibui) leads residents in protests against coal power plant . She has urged Lamu residents to support devolution. FILE/PHOTO.

Lamu, KENYA: Lamu Women representative Shakilla Abdalla has called on Lamu residents to rise up to the occasion and choose leaders who will unite and move the county ahead when the 2017 general election date comes.

Speaking in Lamu on Friday,Shakilla said devolution was the only effective platform through which Kenyans can redeem themselves from age old injustices.

She said despite the challenges faced by the devolved system of governance, it had proved to be able to change Kenya and take development to the next level as opposed to the previous system of governance.

She called on locals to sign agreements with their leaders in order to enable them follow through with any promises made during elections.

Shakilla said the lack of unity among leaders has proved to be the biggest hindrance for the devolution to effectively deliver on its mandate.

She said there is need for leaders,both in power and not to come together and prioritize development and resources in order to ensure the respective counties forge ahead.

“There is need for a mutual involvement of all stakeholders to ensure devolution functions as required.That can only happen when there is unity amongst leaders and support from wananchi,”said Shakilla.

The MP challenged leaders to prioritize resources in order to ensure key weak points in the county are detected and effectively addressed.

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Shakilla has also denied rumors making rounds that she has fallen out with long-term political ally Lamu governor Issa Timamy and insisted they had a functional working relationship.

“We only differed with the governor in our ideas. We each harbor goodwill for the county and as such, it’s impossible not to differ.My stand and opinion on the coal plant proposition still stands and the governor too has a right to his own opinion as a leader.That cant divide us because we still work together for the best of Lamu.I voted for him and still support him and have no intention whatsoever of opposing him,”said Shakilla.

She says devolution came to save the common mwananchi and that will only be realized depending on the kind of leaders that elected.