Delay of funds from Treasury hinders development in Lamu, says Timamy

Delay of funds from Treasury hinders development in Lamu, says Timamy

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Lamu, KENYA: The county government of Lamu is having a difficult time implementing development projects due to the delay in release of funds by the national treasury.

Speaking on phone on Thursday,Lamu governor Issa Timamy said the situation had made it difficult to effectively run the affairs of the county.

Timamy said he has on many occasions been blamed for not being development-minded but put the blame squarely on the national treasury.

He said with timely release of funds,the county would have made major strides in matters development.

The governor said in most cases,due to the delay,the funds are normally not used up and are returned before many of the planned projects are executed once the required period for the financial year lapses.

He said Lamu was also still battling the issue of little budgetary allocation from the national government annually, something he said has been hindering effective service delivery to the people.

Timamy said Lamu was allocated Sh.2 billion this financial year but that so far only Sh.1 billion had been released.

He called on the national government to ensure speedy release of funds in order to enable the county achieve the set development objectives on time.

“The delay of funds is the biggest challenge that devolution is facing.I personally believe with timely release of the money,as a county, we would have made major strides but the situation has hampered that,”said Timamy.

Timamy has also lashed at a section of Lamu politicians who claim the county and governor in particular has  been misusing funds allocated.

He said in the last four years,Lamu has received a total of Sh.4.1 Billion,all of which has been effectively accounted for.

“Out of all thatSh.600 Million went to run affairs in the county assembly for the last three years.Sh.1.2 Billion went to various development projects while Sh.2.1 Billion was used to pay salaries for various county departments,”said Timamy.

A section of local politicians led by Lamu Senator Abu Chiaba have been quoted questioning the manner in which county funds have been used for the last three years.

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Chiaba said there were no visible developments in the county “despite the county having received Sh.5 Billion for the last three years,”.