Millions used to compensate ghost land owners for LAPSSET, report shows

Millions used to compensate ghost land owners for LAPSSET, report shows

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Ongoing construction at the site of the new building that will house the administrative headquarters for the Kenya Ports Authority. One of the LAPSSET projects. PHOTO/FILE

Lamu, KENYA: A new reports has shown Millions of shillings were used to compensate ghost land claimants for lands acquired by the Lapsset authority in Kililana,Lamu in 2015.

The report was presented in the county assembly by a five member committee constituted to investigate the county Lands Executive Amina Rashid for incompetence and abuse of office last week Thursday.

According to the report 10 of the CECs relatives were also mysteriously compensated for lands they never owned at the site at the expense of genuine claimants; who are said to have been ‘pushed out’ of the claimants list before the ‘ghost’ ones were fixed.

In the report,more than Sh.35 Million was allocated to each and every one of the over ten ghost land owners with the full knowledge of the CEC.

The report also detailed how the individuals received double or triple payment for lands they didn’t own since their names appeared more than once of the list said to have been falsified with the full knowledge of the CEC.

Between February and March, 2015, the national government released Sh 1.3 billion as compensation money for more than 100 individuals whose lands were acquired for the LAPSSET.

The report also detailed how close friends and workmates of the CEC received compensation monies for lands they never owned at Kililana.

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“For instance Nyinge Ngambo Nyamawi and Abbas Ali Abdalla received Sh 19,707,460.50 each since they were close to the CEC.Nyinge is a driver at the department of Water who works under the CEC.Both didn’t own land in Kililana,”said Zahara Shee,the committee chair.

When contacted for comment however National Lands Commission-NLC boss Muhammad Swazuri denied the details of the report saying it was a mere fabrication and had no truth.

He said the commission had compensated the genuine land owners at the port site and that all due procedures had been adhered to ensure no foul play.

“As a commission we are sure we compensated the right persons.All processes were undertaken by the commission and relevant ministry before the compensation took place.That report am hearing of has no truth in it at all,”said Swazuri.