Parents in Lamu want security for their children as schools re-open

Parents in Lamu want security for their children as schools re-open

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Lamu,KENYA: Parents of pupils from terror prone Basuba in Lamu East want the national government to device strategies that will enable schools to reopen for the new term next week.

The Five schools in Basuba that have remained closed for over two years since 2014 owing to frequent terror attacks from the Alshabaab include Basuba,Milimani,Mangai,Mararani and Kiangwe primary schools.

Speaking at Basuba village on Thursday, locals have appealed to the government to ensure the schools are re-opened and adequate security provided to ensure their children carry on with learning like the rest of their counterparts in the country.

Early February this year,the county government of Lamu was forced to transfer pupils from terror prone areas to the safer holding centre at the Mokowe Arid Zone primary school in Mokowe.

The parents have however said the move is not adequate since the centre cannot accommodate all affected students.

They lauded the national government for establishing more police posts in the area and the increased police patrols.

Lamu West Education Officer David Kambi proposed that there was need for a special programme that would see all pupils from terror prone areas assembled at one secured learning centre in Mangai where they can learn under police protection.

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Kambi said insecurity in the area had badly impacted on national exam results among students from the region.

“I propose that the Mangai primary school being large enough, be used as a collective learning centre for all pupils from terror prone areas in Basuba where they can all learn under police protection instead of being left out of the system for two whole years,that’s unfair,”said Kambi.

He said there was also need for feeding programmes to be introduced in order to attract children back to schools in Basuba.