Gospel singer Bahati speaks out on missing Groove award nomination

Gospel singer Bahati speaks out on missing Groove award nomination

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Celebrated gospel musician Bahati has come out to give  his sentiments  on missing the hyped Gospel Groove Awards nominations that were recently released.

During a phone interview on one of the local radio stations in Kenya, Bahati told Mzazi Willy M Tuva , the host, that he doesn’t feel bad on missing the nominations but he feels like he needs to go to a higher level.

“…Na need kuingia level different  na need kuingia MTV, channel O awards  nataka ni represent God on a bigger platform,” Bahati told Mzazi.

Bahati added that he doesn’t harbor any hard feelings on anyone and he is wishing  all the nominees the best.

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This comes after Ntv journalist Larry  Madowo earlier on alleged that Bahati and Willy Paul missed out on the nominations for not living a christian life through a tweet.

Here is a screen shot of Larry’s tweet:

Larrry tweets

Bahati responded by saying:

“Siko kwa gospel kwa sababu mi ni holy. Unajua mi sihubirii holy people, una understand? Ye mwenyewe (Larry) si holy. No one is perfect. Holy ni God pekee yake.” Bahati told Tuva.

To listen to the whole interview where Willy Mtuva speaks to an official from Groove Awards together with Bahati and Willy Paul regarding the nominations, Click on the next page.