Mombasa Tuk Tuk owners & drivers condemn “rape case” ordeal involving driver

Mombasa Tuk Tuk owners & drivers condemn “rape case” ordeal involving driver

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Tuks Tuks along Digo Road in Mombasa. Some of the drivers have been accused of raping customers. PHOTO/FILE.

Mombasa, KENYA: Mombasa Tuk Tuk Owners and Drivers Association (TODA) have condemned the rape incident that was aired on national television involving some of their drivers.

Speaking to Baraka FM on Wednesday Chaiperson of the association Obedi Muruli said they totally condemn such vices and at the moment investigations are underway.

“If there are  drivers who  have the intention of raping our sisters and mothers we are warning them that we are conducting investigations if found you shall face the law.” Said Obedi.

On Monday this week  a local television reported that a Tuk Tuk operator who is currently on the lose had been accused of raping one of his customers who was allegedly a disabled lady.

Some of the witnesses who spoke to  Baraka FM about the incident, claim that the perpetrators take their victims to deserted roads where they commit the act.

“Instead of using a road that is full of people like Moi Avenue they lie to their victims that they are using a short cut and use deserted roads like the ones found along railways,” Said Salim; a witness.

A case example is given by another witness where a lady who was nearly raped but she managed to scream and the Tuk Tuk operator panicked and let her go.

“One lady realized that something was wrong when the driver insisted that they use the  Tusky’s bandari road and so the lady started screaming and attracted attention making the him drop her then take off,” said Mike.

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Obed has however called upon Mombasa residents to be on the look out for drivers who do not have an identification card that shows that they are members of TODA.

“You need to make sure that the Tuk Tuk driver is putting on a badge on his neck as this is the only way we can be able to keep them accountable to their actions as the county govt also recognises our badges.” Added Obedi.