Students benefit from 5 Million MoneyGram Co-op bank scholarships

Students benefit from 5 Million MoneyGram Co-op bank scholarships

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Sabine Bauchau Marketing Director Africa MoneyGram displaying the cheque with the help of students together with Rosemary Githaiga Company Sec. Co-op Bank. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Nairobi, KENYA: 350 underprivileged students will benefit from a 5 million mentorship program facilitated by Co-opetrative bank and MoneyGram foundation.

The program is geared in boosting the students’academic perfomance country wide.

Speaking during the launch on Teusday MoneyGram Foundation president Jacqueline  Lowe said that such scholarships were meant to improve education, better economic activities and empowerment in the society.

“We are proud and honoured to help the improve the quality of education for  many children across the country.” she said.

The mentorship program funded by MoneyGram Foundation through a grant will be facilitated by Kenyan entrepreneurs, university students and social workers throughout this week.

The week-long workshops will be held in seven regions around the country, and will target form three students from each region.

The 350 students have been selected based on performance. They are the top performers in the current scholarship program run by the Co-op bank foundation.

Currently Co-op bank has reached 3000  secondary students across the country and 140  universities.

It has set aside 600 million shillings since 2007 for education scholarships.