Lamu CID boss cautions against false kidnapping claims in the region

Lamu CID boss cautions against false kidnapping claims in the region

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Lamu, KENYA: The Lamu County Criminal Investigation Department-CID office has warned against individuals who falsely claim to have been abducted in the county.

County CID boss Prosper Bosire said there were increased cases of individuals who are claiming to have been abducted when that wasn’t actually the case.

Speaking in his Lamu office on Monday Bosire said some people were rushing to hold meetings with the media and claiming that their people had been abducted.

He said such offences were punishable under the law and that there was need for individuals to cease such behavior.

“When we pursued some of these cases we discovered that many weren’t true. So we are yet to find out their intentions for doing so but we want to caution that we shall arrest such people when we find them,”said Bosire.

Bosire said his office was also investigating to establish the identity and motive of such individuals who shall thereafter be hunted down, arrested and charged.

“We can’t risk people going round claiming to have been kidnapped in Lamu.Do they know the extent of tension caused through such claims? We are on their trail and shall bring them to book soon,”added Bosire.

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The office has also warned against individuals who rush to inform the media about their missing relatives instead of first filing a report with the police over the same.

“The media is good, they will put your plea out there but the police are better placed to investigate and let you know the truth concerning your missing relatives. Report to the police first then call on the media and not vice versa,”he concluded.

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This comes after a family in Lamu claimed that their kinsmen had been kidnapped  by unknown people in state owned police and military vehicles.