2016 UN General Assembly Special Session kicks of with focus on world...

2016 UN General Assembly Special Session kicks of with focus on world drug problem

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United Nations General Assembly. PHOTO: COURTESY.

NewYork, USA: UN member states on Tuesday met In New York to attend The United Nations General Assembly Special Session on the World Drug problem.

The meeting  set for April 19-21, brings member states to assess and debate global issues such as Health, Gender, and in this case, the world’s drug control priorities.

Reach Out Mombasa Director Taib Abldulrahman told Baraka FM the meeting is very crucial as it is an opportunity to put an end to the horrors of the drug war and instead prioritize Health, Human rights, and safety.

“We as as the civil society our colleagues are there to see how they can convince our government which at the moment still takes drug users as criminals by arresting and beating them up; something we want to change, ” said Taib.

Taib adds that the session is very important as never before have so many governments voiced displeasure with the international drug control regime and the out come of the meting is very important.

“The outcome might be good or bad. A good direction will be adopting of issues of harm reduction program in handling drug addicts and it will lose direction if  human rights are ignored in handling them,” added Taib.

The last time a special session on drugs was held, in 1998, the main focus being the total elimination of drugs from the world.

However, political leaders and citizens are pushing to rethink that approach that has been considered by many as dangerous and ineffective.