Police officers jailed for killing minor appeal case

Police officers jailed for killing minor appeal case

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eronica Gitahi and Issa Mzee at the Mombasa law court during the Kwe Kwe hearing in February 2016.

Mombasa, KENYA: Two police officers serving a seven-year sentence each for the manslaughter of 14 year- old girl Kwekwe Mwandaza in Kwale County have appealed the court’s verdict.

Veronicah Tahi and Issah Mzee have appealed the sentence through their lawyer Jerald Magolo .

The two currently serving their terms, say they were dissatisfied with the judgment issued in February 2016 in Mombasa.

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This appeal will be heard by three Appellate judges; Mahandia Asike, William Ouko and Kathurima M’noti in May.

Kwekwe was shot on August 22nd 2014 at her home in Kinango village when police raided her home in pursuant of the uncle who was wanted for alleged murder.

Justice Martin Muya said that a custodian sentence was warranted for the two accused persons, and that they should serve as an example to other police officers, that firearms are meant to secure citizens and not to be used recklessly.

“It has been noted recently that there has been rampant misuse of firearms by police and as in this matter I find that the two accused should be used to send a message to other police officers,” said Muya.