County assembly passes motion to impeach Lamu Lands Executive Amina Rashid

County assembly passes motion to impeach Lamu Lands Executive Amina Rashid

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Lamu County Assembly hall. PHOTO: COURTESY

Lamu, KENYA: A motion seeking to impeach Lamu County Lands Executive Amina Rashid was on Friday passed at the Lamu County Assembly.

The motion was presented in the house by Majority Leader Abdu Kassim Ahmed, who also doubles as the Hindi Ward Representative.

The motion was supported by 13 MCAs who want Rashid ousted from office against 7 who want the executive to stay in office.

Rashid stands to be impeached on grounds of incompetence and corruption.

A committee of seven members will however be formed within seven days to probe Rashid before submitting a report to the house in 10 days’ time.

Rashids stands accused for playing a vital role in changing the names of beneficiaries who were to be compensated after their lands were acquired for the new Lamu port-Lapsset at Kililana in 2015 and thereafter imposing ‘fake’ squatters who were compensated for the same.

Lamu County Assembly Deputy Speaker Azhar Mbaraka who is also Shella Ward MCA accused Rashid for failing to address land conflicts at the county level as required.

“Land conflicts remain the order of the day. People have no title deeds and the executive member hasn’t made any recognizable effort to address these amongst many others. Its obvious that the office is weighing down on her,”said Azhar.

Hongwe MC James Komu however opposed the motion saying there was no relevant reason for the executive to be impeached and that the whole matter was politically instigated.

On Wednesday there were demonstrations staged  at the assembly by two Lamu local groups in which some were for Rashid and others were against her.

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The motion was however passed by 13 out of the 20 MCAs at the county assembly.

Rashid now awaits her fate which shall be determined after the seven member committee expected to be formed to probe the allegations presents a report in the house in the next ten day period.