Family in Lamu wants the government to bring back missing kinsmen

Family in Lamu wants the government to bring back missing kinsmen

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Lamu,KENYA: Families of six people who have been missing for over a week now in Lamu want the state to come clean on the whereabouts of their kinsmen.

The six,Ali Bunu,50,an estate owner in Hindi division and a father of nine,his nephew Shuebu Mohamed,18 and four of his workers are said to have disappeared under mysterious circumstances in the past week.

The six are said to have been picked up from their home in Kwasasi area by unknown people in state owned police and military vehicles on the night of Friday 8 last week.

The families now want the government to come clean on whether the six were picked up by intelligence officers or whether the incident should be treated as a normal case of kidnapping.

Bunu’s brother Majid Hobeni said the family had searched for their kin in all police stations in Lamu but were yet to find them or receive any reports on their whereabouts.

He said the state was better placed to answer their queries since the vehicles that picked up their kin were clearly marked with state number plates.

He said the police had so far distanced themselves saying they knew nothing of the disappearances.

“We haven’t had peace of mind since they were taken. Those who took them identified themselves as security officers and we believed them since they came in police and military vehicles. We need to know who took them and why and how they are doing. The police claim they know nothing,”said Hobeni.