Criminal gang attacking shelly beach tourists in Likoni nabbed

Criminal gang attacking shelly beach tourists in Likoni nabbed

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Shelly Beach in Likoni, Mombasa. Police have arrested members of a gang that attack tourists in the area. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Mombasa, KENYA: Police in Likoni have arrested six suspected members of a criminal gang dubbed the Kapenguria six following a series of robberies reported by  people.

The suspects all male aged between 25-28, found themselves cuffed after cornering two female tourists at the Likoni shelly beach on Wednesday evening.

Likoni police Chief Willy Simba on Thursday confirmed the arrest saying the suspects were armed with knives and other crude weapons.

The suspects were identified as Steve Owiti,David Murage,Mwalimu Suleiman and Brian Murage.

They had allegedly attacked the two females and took their iPhone,gold chain,money and other valuables before they fled.

“We have arrested five of them,we will arrest the other one who is still at large,” said Mr. Simba.

Police said the two female tourists who  reported the matter at Likoni police station were taken to the beach, where they identified one suspect whom police arrested and upon interrogation he mentioned the other attackers.

The police chief said one mobile phone,gold chain and an ATM card were recovered from the suspects.

He noted that frequent police patrols along the beaches will be made and warned the criminal gangs that they will be dealt with accordingly.

One female tourist identified as Fatma Salim who was attacked by the suspects told Baraka FM the suspects were playing along the beach as they were walking,then all of a sudden circled them and ordered them to give their valuables.

“Two of them drew knives and put on my chest while ordering me to give them my valuables,I surrendered everything I had as I knew they were going to stab me,”said Fatma.

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The other victim Bidalla Salim said the attackers threatened to rape her if she would not surrender her gold chain to them.

“I tried to call for assistance but the gang overwhelmed me,I heard one of them saying he will rape me if I continue resisting,and I left my belongings to them,”said miss Salim.

The suspects were locked at Likoni police station and they will be arraigned in court after completion of investigations.