Nationwide polio vaccination comes to an end

Nationwide polio vaccination comes to an end

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Health workers administering a polio vaccine to a baby. PHOTO: COURTESY

Mombasa, KENYA: Wednesday saw the end of the country wide polio vaccination campaign targeting children under the age of five years.

The five days campaign officially launched last Saturday in Nairobi, aimed to oversee nine million children in all 47 counties are immunized.

In Mombasa County, at Magongo Health Centre, Changamwe sub-county, women waited patiently for their children to be immunized. Purity Kanini is one of the parents.

“I heard the ministry of health here in Changamwe moving from one place to another announcing about the need of parents to make sure their under five children are vaccinated. And that is when I decided to follow their advice.” She said.

Ms. Kanini added that she feared the negative impacts of polio when a child is not vaccinated.

“ It is worthy bringing my child here so that he can be vaccinated because if i ignore maybe in future he could paralyzed and that could break my heart.” She added.

Rhufas Mwakina, Changamwe sub-county health officer, applauded the parents for coming out in large number by visiting health services for the children to be vaccinated.

He also appreciated those who allowed the health providers who were moving from door to door to vaccinate children under the age of five years.

“World Health Organization has position Kenya under high risk countries on polio disease, and that is why as a country we are doing our level best to make Kenya polio free.”