Lamu Governor refutes claims of land grabbing

Lamu Governor refutes claims of land grabbing

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Lamu Governor Issa Timamy at a previous court session. PHOTO/FILE

Lamu, KENYA: Lamu Governor Issa Timmay has refuted claims that he is a land grabber and instead referred to his counterpart Senator Chiaba as the biggest land grabber in Lamu.

Speaking to Baraka FM  on phone Monday,Timamy said he was shocked that Chiaba was accusing him when he was the guilty one.

“I want to make it clear that  I do not own land in Lamu neither  do I have any interest of doing so.The senator himself should explain how he got the lands he owns at Tenewi and Siyu in Lamu East,”said Timamy.

Chiaba said the governor’s weird interest in land in the county was evident ranging from the controversy that surrounded the LAPSSET list of beneficiaries to the standoff over the controversial Manda Settlement Scheme.

“On the LAPSSET,he apparently came up with his own list of beneficiaries many of whom had never been seen or heard of before.Then now there is the Manda Settlement scheme where he is telling people who have stayed there for decades that he wants to allocate each a quarter an acre in the name of resettling more squatters.Who are this squatters and where are they from?The governor knows the answer,”said Chiaba.

Timamy accused Chiaba of not being in touch with challenges faced by the Lamu people and asked him to stop acting up and do something for the people.

He said the senator had decided to shift base from Lamu to Nairobi  and that he didn’t have the slightest idea of what was happening in Lamu.

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The governor however retaliated saying the senator is free to sue him if he has any evidence linking him to the land grabbing allegations.

“Let him go to court and prove what he is alleging. This is no time for unrealistic accusations in the name of politics. I am clean and people like the senator can’t handle that truth,”said Timamy.

Timamy said politicians like Fahim Twaha have grabbed massive tracts of land in Lamu yet they had chosen to paint him in bad light using cheap propaganda and immature politics.

“I know of about 1500 acres of land grabbed by Fahim Twaha at Manda island during his tenure as LamuWest MP years ago,”added Timamy.