Kaimenyi vows to name prison land grabbers at the coast

Kaimenyi vows to name prison land grabbers at the coast

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Ministry of Land Cabinet secretary Prof Jacob Kaimenyi. PHOTO/FILE

Nairobi, KENYA: Lands Cabinet Secretary Professor Jacob Kaimenyi has vowed to name people who have grabbed public land meant for the prison department.

Speaking when he appeared before senate committee on lands chaired by Halima Ware Duri, Prof Kaimenyi said that he will name the grabbers whom he alleges of prison land grabbing approximately 4,000 acres.

Prof Kaimenyi on Wednesday said that such vices have strained execution of prisons services and expansion bid in the country.

“We will liaise very closely with national land commission.There will be no sacred cows in this matter whether someone is a senator or an mp ,we will take action even if it means revoking,” said Kaimenyi.

Kaimenyi indicated  that   80 % of schools  do not  have  title deeds which is the same case to prisons in the country.

He pointed out that only five prisons  which have title deeds  out of 118  prisons.

He added that following the government’s decision to initiate national titling center , the ministry is fast-tracking the program in which by end of this year, is expected to release  1 million titles .

Following the documents exhibited by Lands Ministry Coast prisons which are affected in land grabbing menace include: Shimo la Tewa Mombasa county,Kilifi and Malindi prisons in Kilifi county and Hindi prison in Lamu .