Jubilee terms Urban development Plan 2035 as unachievable in Mombasa

Jubilee terms Urban development Plan 2035 as unachievable in Mombasa

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The jubilee Mombasa branch members during the press briefing. PHOTO: OSCAR NYOHA

Mombasa, KENYA: Jubilee politicians in Mombasa County  have criticized the hyped Mombasa County Vision 2035 terming it as unachievable.

Speaking on Wednesday during a press briefing, the members led by interim Chairman Sherif Ali Shekue alleged  governor Joho is not quite sure on the avenues to raise money for implementation of the economic and housing blueprint project.

“The recent launch of the Mombasa county vision 2035 by the Mombasa governor Hassan Ali Joho,  is an imagined picture and its bound to fail if communities residing in the county are not consulted,” said Shekue.

Also present during the briefing was Edwin Mwinga Chokwe who faulted governor Joho for confusing Kenyans for initiating another vision.

“We have only one vision as the country, and that is vision 2030, because we all belong to one country” said Chokwe.

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Instead he said the governor could have shown how he is planning to engage and implement the vision 2035 in his county.

The members who branded themselves as official opposition in the region, said the Mombasa county government  have converted the island into a dumping place.

They added that the county government has failed in managing garbage and waste in the city.

They said they will start a campaign mobilizing residents to oust the current county government come 2017.