Cost of electricity set to go down in Mombasa

Cost of electricity set to go down in Mombasa

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Kenya power workers in Mombasa. ERC has said the cost of electricity production is set to reduce in the region. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Mombasa, KENYA: The cost of electricity is set to go down in Mombasa this is after the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) said it is in the process of bringing geothermal energy to the county.

Mombasa relies heavily on the thermal energy that is produced by the thermal plants found in Kipevu which ERC says is expensive.

Speaking in Mombasa at a sensitization workshop on Wednesday, ERC Renewable Energy director Pavel Omieke said the commission is the process of bringing geothermal into the region so as to reduce cost of electricity production.

“We want to bring in  geo-thermal as generation from thermal power plants is very expensive compared to geothermal that is about sh 7. to sh 8 vs thermal power plant where we generate about sh 25 per kWh, ” Said Pavel.

Geothermal power which involves the process of getting energy generated from heating the earth is  very cost-effective in the Rift Valley region and ERC says it’s in the process of  bringing the energy to Mombasa.

“We are constructing the transmission line and at the moment it’s nearly complete so once it is done we will have cheap power making us run less of the Kipevu thermal plants.” Added Pavel.

ERC is also in the process of having more greener energy generation initiatives  in Mombasa such as Wind, Solar and Coal energy so as to ensure the grid is stable when one of source of energy fails.

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The commission at the moment is experiencing  challenges of various accidents happening in the country and has cautioned everyone to only transact businesses with  licensed technicians or energy providers.