Weather man warns Lamu fishermen of high tides

Weather man warns Lamu fishermen of high tides

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Fishermen in Lamu . PHOTO: COURTESY

Lamu, KENYA: The meteorological department in Lamu has cautioned fishermen and sailors against plying the deep waters this season.

The office said this is because of the high tides currently being experienced at sea which are said to be caused by high temperatures  being experienced at the moment.

Speaking on Tuesday,Lamu County Director for Meteorological Service David Mwaruma said the changes at sea have as result caused strong winds that in turn fuel the high tides along the coast.

Mwaruma has appealed to fishermen and sailors to desist from plying the ocean especially between 3-4 am when the tidal pressure is at its worst.

“There are very strong winds that have caused very unusual tides at the coast. We are cautioning locals, fishermen and sailors to avoid deep seas or venturing out between 3 and 4 am.That’s the time the tides are worse off.” Said Mwaruma.

He however said the situation is expected to normalize once the rainy season kicks in since the temperatures will have dropped by then.

Meanwhile,residents of Lamu,Shella,Faza,Pate,Kizingitini,Ndau,Kiunga and Mkokoni islands have appealed to the national government to raise the seawalls in the islands to avoid disasters.

This is after the recent incident where the ocean waters burst through the current sea walls and flooded roads, houses and business premises.

Transport in Lamu was paralyzed for two days following the flooding of roads by water from the oceans.

Locals were forced to remain indoors after pathways within the islands became flooded.

“If they raise the sea wall, we won’t have to deal with such messes. Our houses are flooded, the open sewers are literally flowing into our houses,”said Abdulkassim Muhammad.

Lamu governor Issa Timamy said the county government was working on ensuring the sea walls are raised.

He said the county had not set aside any funds to address the matter but that subsequent allocations will do so.