Lamu Senator Chiaba accuses Governor Timmamy of land grabbing

Lamu Senator Chiaba accuses Governor Timmamy of land grabbing

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Lamu Governor Issah Timamy (right) and Senator Abu Chiaba during a press conference. FILE PHOTO

Lamu, KENYA: Lamu Senator Abu Chiaba has accused his counterpart Governor Issa Timamy of creating a land grabbing syndicate in the region.

Chiaba said Timamy had put in place individuals who have been posing as ‘professional squatters’ with the sole intent of grabbing land on behalf of the governor.

Speaking to Baraka FM on Monday,Chiaba said Timamy was using his office to pursue his land grabbing endeavors.
He accused the governor for acting innocent when he was in reality the biggest land grabber in the county.

“He can’t grab land himself and so it was very thoughtful of him to hire people to do the dirty job for him while he gets to amass huge chunks of land in the name of squatters,”said Chiaba.

Chiaba said the governor’s weird interest in land in the county was evident ranging from the controversy that surrounded the LAPSSET list of beneficiaries to the standoff over the controversial Manda Settlement Scheme.

“On the LAPSSET,he apparently came up with his own list of beneficiaries many of whom had never been seen or heard of before.Then now there is the Manda Settlement scheme where he is telling people who have stayed there for decades that he wants to allocate each a quarter an acre in the name of resettling more squatters.Who are this squatters and where are they from?” Asked Chiaba.

Chiaba insinuated that the National Lands Commission-NLC was well aware of the games Timamy was playing in as far as illegal land acquisition was concerned.

The senator questioned why the governor was more interested in land matters than other challenges facing locals in the county.

He said the governor was sabotaging national projects by recognizing illegal squatters in the county.

“At the Coal fired plant in Kwasasi,there are between 500-600 professional squatters who have just been ferried in to pose as squatters and get land for the governor,” he said.

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Recently,the governor announced a plan by the county government to resettle squatters in Lamu on the 350,000 acres of land that were recently by the national government early this year.

Chiaba has however questioned the move saying “there was more to it than meets the eye”.

Efforts to reach governor Timamy for comments on the matter were futile since phone calls and text messages went answered.