CBK governor warns rogue bankers of stern action

CBK governor warns rogue bankers of stern action

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Central Bank of Kenya Governor Patrick Njoroge during a press conference at the CBK. PHOTO/FILE

CBK governor Dr Patrick Njoroge has sent astern warning to banking sector indicating that the government will not entertain rogue officials in the sector who misappropriate funds rendering banks in state of receivership.

In a joint press statement on Friday in Nairobi which encompassed Central Bank , Treasury and Kenya bankers association Dr Njoroge said that those who will be found culpable of misconduct in the banking sector will be dealt with in accordance with the law .

“We cannot tolerate rogue bankers ,people who are infact stealing from their depositors ,those ones, will be dealt with appropriately .”Dr Njoroge said.

Dr Njoroge turned the heat to people who speculate rumours via social media a factor which he says contributes  to the  pressure that results to massive withdrawals in banks.

He vehemently vowed that action will be taken against people who  send such messages in social media platforms.

“Who of us can shout “bomb” in an airport? you cannot. and the same thing applies here, they will need to be held accountable,they need to be dealt with.”He reiterated

Dr Njoroge said that following what befell chase bank the government working around the clock to put up mechanisms to salvage it from its current situation.

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“We want to do everything in our part so as to have chase bank re-opended ,today we will be talking to stakeholders to make sure that they resolvethe matter  as quicker as possible.”Dr Njoroge said.

Treasury cabinet secretary Henry Rotich reassured Kenyans that as per the current indicators Kenya’s financial sector is safe and there is no cause for alarm.