Lamu Lands executive to be impeached for incompetence and abuse of office

Lamu Lands executive to be impeached for incompetence and abuse of office

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On the right Mrs. Amina Rashid Lands Executive Lamu County Government together with Mr. Siyat Osman, Lamu County Government Secretary who is shaking hands with UN-Habitat representative Mr. Robert Goodwin at a past event. Ms Amina is facing an impeachment motion on ground of abuse of office.PHOTO: COURTESY

Lamu, KENYA: An Impeachment Notice of Motion against County Lands Executive Ms Amina Rashid has been presented in the Lamu County Assembly on grounds of incompetence and abuse of office.

On Wednesday, the notice was presented to the floor of the house by majority leader Kassim Ahmed who is also MCA for Hindi.

In the notice the MCA states that the Lands executive is incompetent and a non-performer who has for long been abusing her office for unlawful gains.

The notice alleges that in 2015, Amina played an integral part in trying to change the names of genuine beneficiaries who were to be compensated by national government after their lands were acquired for the new port-LAPSSET.

“Considering that the executive member was vetted and approved by this assembly to hold that office,we are concerned that such incompetence,redundancy,abuse of office,gross misconduct and the total violation of the constitution should not be condoned,”said Kassim.

The MCA goes ahead to state that the executive has also committed acts of gross misconduct and has grossly violated the constitution and other laws.

Kassim said the grounds supporting the impeachment include failing to submit to the assembly a spatial planning as provide for under Section 107 of the County Governments Act.

He said spatial planning was essential for the budget making process and that the executive member had proved incompetent by failing to submit the same.

The majority leader said Amina had also abused her office on the matter concerning the compensation of the Kililana beneficiaries whose lands were acquired for the LAPSSET.

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He said such behavior on the part of the Lands Executive amounted to gross misconduct and violation of the constitution,hence the Impeachment notice.

“Thus I urge this assembly to resolve that the executive Amina Rashid be impeached pursuant to the Assembly Standing Order No.62 and Section 40(2) of the County Governments Act,”said Kassim.

However,as per the constitution,no action will be taken against Amina until a seven member committee is formed to probe the same.

The committee will then be required to come up with a report within a ten day period and present it to the house before the members get to discuss the same.