Mombasa County Assembly accuses Marwa of undermining the constitution

Mombasa County Assembly accuses Marwa of undermining the constitution

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Mombasa County Assembly hall PHOTO/FILE

Mombasa, KENYA: The Mombasa County Assembly has warned  Regional Coordinator Nelson Marwa against what they term as violation of  the constitution by involving himself in functions that concern them.

The MCA’s were responding to a letter sent to the National Land Commission chairman Mohamed Swazuri by Marwa proposing the demolition of properties and eviction of residents living around Moi International Airport.

In the said letter dated 18th November 2015, Marwa proposed the demolition of schools, garages, mosques over security fears.

Speaking during a press briefing on Tuesday morning, the MCA’s led by Said Ibrahih of Kipevu Ward  said Marwa cannot purport to make decisions on behalf of Mombasa especially over devolved functions.

“Marwa should understand that we only have one leader who leads Mombasa and that is Governor Joho, if Marwa has failed in all means then he should not involve himself in matters concerning land.” Said Ibrahim.

They claimed that he should have communicated to the relevant organs of the county government to allow proper consultation.

They say that Marwa has violated the constitution which says that that the county government is the only organ dealing with planning and development.

Concerns have been raised about the security of  Moi International Airport as it borders a residential area.

The continued establishment of houses around the airport is said to be purporting a threat especially from terrorist who may use that chance as a hideout targeting the airport.

Despite that, the MCAs are now urging the people living in that area to remain there unless a due process is followed.

Speaking during the launch of Nyali sub-county on Tuesday afternoon Marwa responded to the MCA’s saying he was only raising the security concerns of the people of Mombasa and not speaking for himself.”

“If a flight falls and kills people you as an MCA what are you going to say this is not politics, If i see danger i need to point it out am accountable to God.” Said Marwa.