Three easy steps to prolong your smartphone power

Three easy steps to prolong your smartphone power

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One of the fastest rising technology in the world has to be the smartphone;it comes with everything but the problem is you always have to charge it all the time in order to use it.

Actually, a good number of people today, especially the youth, dread that ‘battery low’ disclaimer more than anything else.

One issue pf concern however, is a complain that smartphones drain their power very fast.

With each coming with a list of applications and functions, it’s become normal for your phone to give that dreaded ‘Battery low’ disclaimer halfway through the day.

Good news, however, is that there are many measures you can take to reduce your phones power usage. Some simple, that do not affect much of your day-to-day use, and others that make you forego certain applications and functions.

This guide, however, is not meant to limit your use. It’s all about putting checks and measures to cut off unnecessary energy use.


Your screen is your phone monitor. There can be no phone use that does not involve the screen. A good amount of power is used anytime your screen is on use.

To counter this, avoid unnecessary lighting up of your phone screen. When not in use, keep it in your pocket or bag to reduce the temptation to light up the screen.

Anoter thing with the screen is reducing the delay before your  screen automatically goes off. A duration of 5 seconds is good.

Reducing your screen brightness is also key in prolonging your battery charge.


This could be a new one to some people but it’s very true. Your phone uses a lot of energy trying to establish a solid connection.

To counter this, disable your phone wireless network circuit.If your phone is finding it hard to establish a strong WiFi connection, just resort to cellular network.


With streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music & Pandora on the rise, music streaming has become an easy way to procure music.

Streaming requires an active wireless network connection, which consumes quite an amount of power, actually more than it could take to play internally stored songs from your phone.

Try these three for now, more could clutter your mind 😉