Women in Kilifi find a way of empowering themselves financially

Women in Kilifi find a way of empowering themselves financially

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Saving Internal and Lending Community group during a meeting. The group empowers women financially in Kilifi. PHOTO: OSCAR NYOHA

Kilifi, KENYA: One of the recent developments in Kenya is women empowerment as they make up the larger number in terms of labour and consumers; furthermore they are considered better savers.

Come to a village in the interior of Kilifi County called Kiriba and meet a group of women, who have seen opportunities to advance economically, socially and professionally.

SILC, is the name of the group which means Saving Internal and Lending Community.

The 6-year-old group was formed with the aim of saving and lending money to its members and the community at large, with the aim of improving their lives economically.

Its founder, Margret Nyale commonly known as Mama Kiriba, says they bought the idea from a foreign organization which is kind of table banking and they started with as little as ten bob per week.

Now they can contribute to the maximum of two thousands weekly.

Margret says convincing the women in her village to join the group was not easy, but after realizing how they can benefit; she says they have now expanded to almost the whole of Kilifi County.

“The group which started with  just 10 women, has expanded as we are now in Chonyi Ziani, Shariani, Takaungu and our dream is to have a countrywide reach and become a Micro finance lending agency,” says Margret.

Another member Margret Karisa says she has been able to pay school fees for her children and start a business that has sustained her up to now.

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One of the reasons the women say motivated them to start such an initiative is availability of  the programmes in place to access government funds such as the Women funds and Uwezo funds.