‘We are Kenyans’, Nubian tribe tells Government

‘We are Kenyans’, Nubian tribe tells Government

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Mombasa Tourism minister Binti Omar during the flagging off the Nubian procession in Mombasa. PHOTO:DIANA WANYONYI

Mombasa,KENYA:Nubians living in Kenya wants the government to recognize them as among the 42 tribes.

According to their chairperson Mr. Amber Ibrahim, the constitution categorizes Nubians as under “others “despite the fact that they arrived in Kenya in the 18TH century.

“Our fore fathers settled in Kibra in Nairobi and they were Promised Land by the government but up to date, we do not have title deed of our own. We have not been rejected because we have not been chased away either we have not been accepted because we have not been registered and the question is why? “. He asked.

He was speaking during the first Nubian international Extravaganza festival at Mama Ngina Drive in Mombasa that brought together Nubians from Kenya, Tanzania, Sudan and Uganda to display their traditional dressing and food.

Mr. Ibrahim further observed that apart from celebrating their cultural way of life, the major aim of bringing together Nubians from different countries is to make sure that they preach a word of peace to all Kenyans on the need of having peaceful general election come 2017.

“We don’t want to be named as forgotten tribe that is why we are reminding the world that we still exist and we value our tradition. Secondly, we are people who want peace and through this we are also encouraging Kenyans to be on the fore front on matters of peace”. He said.

“Peace is not propaganda as a way of playing with people’s lives; it’s a serious matter that needs to be embraced by all”. He added.

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Mombasa County Tourism minister Ms. Binti Omar said that the festive will boast tourism to 10 per cent increment due to the festive and the introduction of chatter flights.

“Through this we can say that we are fostering unity amongst our people and it’s a forum through which we are trying to create brotherhood between the different countries.” She said.