Fishermen in Lamu want president Uhuru to push for rural electrification in...

Fishermen in Lamu want president Uhuru to push for rural electrification in the region

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Lamu, KENYA:- Fishermen in Lamu East have urged President Kenyatta to push for the completion of the Rural Electrification Programme in the region that has since lagged behind.

The fishermen who are mostly from the fisher villages of Faza,Kizingitini,Ndau and Siyu admitted to losing huge tones of fish that goes bad daily due to lack of cold storage facilities to enable preservation.

“We are losing so much of our fish that is going stale since we have no electricity to power refrigerators and cold stores. We are appealing to the president to see through to his promise, ” said Khaldun Vae, a fisherman.

Speaking when they met with stakeholders in the industry in Lamu on Tuesday, the fishermen accused the Rural Electrification Authority (REA) of laxity in completing the electrification exercise that commenced way back in 2013.

“The president promised that in a weeks time,REA will have come back to complete the electrification exercise. Nothing has happened in the past two weeks since the president left. ”added Khaldun.

During his tour to Faza Island two weeks ago, President Uhuru Kenyatta promised to ensure REA completes electrification of the region before 15th  February this year.

The fishermen also expressed concern and disappointment over the silence of the authority and said they were worried the exercise might collapse completely.

Meanwhile,Lamu governor Issa Timamy and Lamu East MP Athman Shariff will soon head back to state house to engage the president once again over the fate of the Rural Electrification programme in Lamu East.

“We plan to pay him a visit at state house over the matter. Our people are suffering. The lack of electricity is also increasing crime since there are no street lights,”said Timamy.

The two leaders expressed dissatisfaction over the manner in which REA was dragging the entire exercise.

Since the electrification exercise was launched by REA three years ago, there has been constant bickering between REA officials and locals; more so concerning compensation for persons in whose premises the exercise is to go through.

As a result, the county government has had to intervene and spent Ksh. 2 M to compensate all affected persons.